How do I change my email preferences on Fan TV for Mobile?

You are able to adjust all your email settings at any time through Fan on iOS and Fan on Web.

If you are quickly looking to unsubscribe from an email in your inbox, just hit the unsubscribe link at the bottom of all Fan emails.


Fan on Mobile

1. Launch Fan app

2. Hit Menu on top right

3. Tap Me

4. Tap Settings

5. In the settings tab you will see the following:

Email and Push Alerts - Where you can adjust your notification settings


(Tablet specific instructions)

1. Tap the settings wheel at the bottom left of your home screen

2. Choose Email and Push Alerts

3. Turn alerts on and off by tapping them to be either lit (on) or unlit (off)

Note: You can also set frequency of Watchlist alerts here.




Fan on Web

If you'd like, you could always change your email preferences through the web.  To do this, follow these instructions.

1. Sign into

2. Click your profile in the top right

3. Scroll to Settings


4. Go to the Email & Alerts tab

5. Click the envelopes that appear as lit to turn them off. Icons that appear 'lighted' or 'brighter' mean that the alert is turned off. Icons that are not 'lit' mean that you will not receive them. The envelope is email, the phone is your iPhone.


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