Does the Fan TV service cost money?

The Fan TV service is free! You will never be charged to sign up for the Fan TV service or asked to give payment information through Fan TV.

That being said, some of our partners are pay services. Partners such as Netflix, Hulu, DirecTV, and more, are subscription services that you can click on in Fan TV to watch. (To see all our partners, click here). You will never be charged for these services through Fan TV. We rather work with them to pass you to their service when you click the service in a show or movie details page in Fan TV. You can head on over to "Settings" in Fan TV on your iPad, iPhone, web browser or Fan TV device, to select YOUR SERVICES, in which you subscribe to (or the services that you would like to show up in Fan TV that you may be interested in). 

Let's give an example of how we work with our partners. Say you have found Iron Man (because it is awesome) in Fan TV on your iPad and would like to watch it through a service that we show you is available. In the Iron Man details page you will see a list of services. Say you choose to watch through Netflix. Click Netflix in Fan TV. You will be sent to the Netflix app, if it is already installed on your iPad, or sent to the App Store to download the Netflix app. Once in Netflix, you may be asked to subscribe. If you are already a Netflix subscriber, you can just start watching the film thorugh Netflix directly from clicking through Fan TV. If you are not a subscriber, you will need to subscribe to watch through Netflix or head back to Fan TV to see what other services have Iron Man (once again, because it is awesome and it is a must-see) that you may already be subscribed to. 

On another happy partner note, we have many partners who are free! Partners such as Crackle, Lifetime, ABC, YouTube, and PBS, are all free to use through Fan TV. Thanks to our awesome partners for making more content available for our fans! For a complete list of free services through Fan TV, check them out here.


Happy watching!

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