WatchList - Adding to Your WatchList via Mobile

Fan WatchList is a universal watch list, where you can add movies or TV shows that you plan to watch later or would like to keep track of as they become available to you, on your services.

Fan WatchList is in-the-cloud, meaning, it will be synced across all your devices in Fan.

Also, you can set alerts to get weekly emails to see which items on your WatchList are available on which services. 

 Look for the Eye Icon to add to your WatchList across services. Note: If you do not see an option to add, it may mean the item is already in your WatchList.

To add to your WatchList:

1. Tap the movie or TV show that you want to watch

2. Tab Add

3. Tap WatchList


 Adding to your WatchList while in featured or other lists on Fan on Mobile.


Adding to you WatchList from the WatchNow panel in Fan on Mobile.



Fan on Web

You can add to your WatchList when you select a movie or show or from a list.

1. To add from the WatchNow panel or movie or show, look for the 'WatchList for later' button. You should see this within the main image on that movie or show's page. See example below.

2. When the WatchList button is highlighted, it means that the item has been added to your WatchList.



1. To add from a list, just hover over the item in the list that you want to add to your Watchlist. The Eye Icon is your WatchList select button. 

2. Click to highlight the Eye Icon to add a movie to your WatchList.



To see your WatchList:


Fan on Mobile

1. Tap Menu

2. Tap WatchList


Fan on Web

1. Click WatchList in the top right corner when signed into

2. Choose between your movie and show WatchList depending on what you are in the mood to watch.


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