I'm a Fan (web)

I'm a Fan is a feature to allow you to keep track of the movies and TV Shows you are a fan of, as well as share your tastes with friends in one complete list.

I'm a Fan is in-the-cloud, meaning, it will be synced across all your devices in Fan.


To add to your I'm a Fan:


Fan on Web

1. Tap I'm a Fan (The heart icon)

 I'm a Fan


To see your I'm a Fan:


Fan on Web

1. Click Lists under your profile photo in the top right corner when signed into

2. Click I'm a Fan

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    Ricardo Siano

    I have been trying to find 'Hotshot' (1987) starring the legendary Pele for quite sometime now. Would anyone happen to know if its going to air on TV or if its available online for streaming? I have tried many places without any success. Your help will be very much appreciated.

    Here is the film I am trying to find: