How do I find a specific channel?

If you tap the bottom end of your remote and gently slide your finger up towards the middle of the remote, you will reveal the channel wheel.  There are three ways to view the channels that you are subscribed to.  You can view your Favorites, if you have added some to your list, your most recent channels watched or you can scroll through all of the channels from A - Z.  

Although the latter is traditional way of "changing" the channel, using our Search function might be faster.  

Dragging down the top menu by tapping on the top edge and gently sliding your finger down towards the middle.  This reveals your main menu.  

To search, scroll to the magnifying glass and tap to reveal an alphabet wheel.  Select the first few letters of the channel, show or actor you want to watch and a list will be displayed.  

You can scroll down from the wheel to select what you want to see.  If you tap on MORE..., you will expand the list of available choices.


For a detailed video on the instructions above, please click here:  Universal Search 

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