Where to Watch: WatchNow

When you select a show or movie to watch, you will always see a WatchNow panel accompany it.  This panel shows all the options for where and when you can watch across all sources: live TV, video-on-demand and streaming. 


No matter what you want to watch, the Live TV option will always show up first.  If the movie is upcoming on Live TV, it will tell me the channel how long before it starts.  If it were currently on, you would see time remaining and you could tune in by simply tapping.  

If you don't want to wait to see the movie, there will be other options to watch it now.  Whether it be via TWC On Demand, or the ability to rent the movie from one of your other streaming services.

If you choose to view a movie through one of your selected streaming services you always have the option to go back to live tv by swiping down on the top edge of the remote and tapping on the “Back to Fan TV” button.

If you would prefer to watch the movie later or wait for it to become available on more services, you can save it to your WatchList. To do this, you  simply tap once to add it. As soon as you see the image appear in the box on the right, you know it is saved. 

WatchNow panels will vary depending on a show or movie’s availability. 

For a detailed video on the instructions above, please click here: Where to Watch 

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