Why is my internet connection being reported as slow?

When you get the message on your screen that states you have a slow internet connection, this occurs when your video stream is buffering.   Buffering a video stream is needed with all internet based video services.  This is what keeps your video at the highest quality.  A problem that can occur, however, is when you internet connection is disrupted or severely degraded.

There are many things that can disrupt your connection and degrade your bandwidth, so troubleshooting a slow connection error can take a little bit of time.  Here are few things to try:

1.  Try a direct connection with an ethernet cable.   This will eliminate any problem that the wireless connection may have and will often times give you the best speeds.   If this works well, then try out step 2.

2.  Shut down all wireless devices, with the exception of Fan TV.   If the message goes away, then bring them back up one by one until you see the slow internet connection message.  Take notes on how many devices were connected when you received the message and what each device was doing.  Sometimes, computers are downloading large updates via the internet and taking up quite a bit of your bandwidth.  If you have two computers doing this at the same time, then your bandwidth gets degraded even further.   If you need help with this, please submit a support request and we will be more than happy to help.

3.  Try a different location for your device or your wireless router.  Often times, walls, microwave ovens, wireless telephones will interfere with the communication between devices.  They all use the same radio frequency as the Fan TV device, 2.4ghz.  By moving a few things around, you may be able to decrease the noise in between the device and the wireless router.

Some things that users have done to increase their wireless signal strength was to purchase a wi-fi range extender.  This simply keeps the signal strong for a distance than the router provides.   Some users have also gone with a powerline solution and made use of their electrical wiring in their house to route network traffic.   Both are great ideas with good success, but there is a cost associated with them.

For all slow internet connection issues that aren't solved by the three items above, please submit a support request and we will get right on it.






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