Having Trouble Signing In?

Are you having trouble signing in to your Fan TV account? There are a few things you can try on your own before contacting the Fan TV support team for help.


Have you tried the Forgot Password button?

The Forgot Password link is located in the Sign In panel, right below where you would enter your Username and Password. 



Have you tried logging in through Facebook?

Sometimes your Facebook account uses a different email address than the one you chose to use when you initially signed up for Fan TV, which is why you are unable to login by email address and password. Try logging in through Facebook, as this may be what you did initially.


Are you using Fan on iOS?

Go to the Settings of your device (not Fan TV app) and look for Facebook. Once in Facebook, look for the Fan TV logo and toggle under 'Allow these apps to use your account'. Make sure the Fan TV toggle is set to on. If the problem persists, try toggling the setting to off and back on again.





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