How do I find something to watch?

There are three categories to help discover great movies and shows to watch: 

“On TV” centers around live TV currently playing.
“Movies” will show all titles on TV or streaming. 
“Shows” is where I’ll find all episodes of past or present series.


Browse “On TV” to see a timeline of what’s currently on TV and upcoming. You can access your personalized WatchList or find current programming sorted by genre.  If you want to watch a baseball game, you could swipe over to “sports,” scroll down to “baseball” and instantly see all the baseball games organized on a timeline, starting with what’s currently on now.  Once you find the game you want to watch, tap to tune in.

Under “Movies” you can find new releases, free movies and what’s most popular on demand.  If you are trying to find a good movie to watch and you know you like thrillers, go to “on-demand” and scroll down the list of genres to “thrillers.”  Say you want to watch Captain Phillips and the someone else wants to watch World War Z.   

Since it’s a toss-up, you can look at the rotten tomatoes score as a tie-breaker and go with Captain Phillips, which has a score of 93%.  You can always add World War Z to your WatchList to watch another time.

If you are looking for an entire series, you would go to “Shows.” From there, you can gather inspiration from our editorial team on what’s trending, see titles on demand or find out what your friends are engaging with on Facebook. For example, if you want to start a new series and want to see what my friends are watching.  You can go to “friends” and then select “most liked” to see a collection of the top favorites.  You could have great choices like Breaking Bad, Modern Family, True Blood and Game of Thrones that are organically curated by the people you know.  Let the binge watching begin!

 In all three categories, you have your WatchList:  In “On TV” you can see the movies and shows in your WatchList organized by date and time.  Under “movies” you will only see the movies titles in your WatchList and – likewise - under “shows” you will only see the shows.


For a detailed video on this instructions, please click here:  Finding Something to Watch

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