Changing the Channel

Flipping through channels is easier with Fan TV then your standard remote.   There is no need to look down to make sure you are pressing the right button.   All you need to do is have the Fan TV remote in the palm of your hand and swipe left or swipe right to view the next channel.   The best part of it is you will never lose the channel that you are on.

Your current channel will remain in view in the top right or left hand corner of your TV, while the channel that you swiped to displays what's on.  If you see something you like, simply tap the center of the Fan TV remote to switch to that channel.

If, after flipping, you find that there is nothing you want to switch to, simply tap on the Fan TV logo to return to your original channel. 


If you want to find a specific channel, swipe up on the remote to access the channel wheel.  Swipe left and right to move through the channels.  Swiping slowly moves through the channels one at a time, while swiping swiftly will get you through the list in a matter of seconds.  Channels are sorted three ways:  Favorites, Recents or Alphabetically.   Scroll through the list at tap the center of the remote to tune in.



Another popular way to find a channel is to search by channel name.  To do this, simply pull down the main menu, tap on the search icon (magnifying glass) and begin typing the channel name.  Your results will be displayed below as you type the channel name.  When the channel you are looking for appears in the results list, swipe down to select it, then tap to tune in.   If you visit this channel frequently, remember to add it to your favorites.


 For a detailed video on these instructions, please click here:  Changing the Channel


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