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Fan TV on Web, is a great way to discover movies and TV shows while at home or at work. It also is a great way to add movies or shows you want to see to your WatchList, as well as get information on how to WatchNow on your services or others from your laptop or desktop.

To get started:

1. Go to

2. Once there you can choose to make a Fan TV account or you can login using Facebook by clicking Sign Up in the top right corner. We recommend taking this step as it will create an account for you across devices, across our service (Fan on web, as well as Fan TV).

3. Once your account has been created, you are ready to start browsing!

For Web, you can start with our featured lists on the homepage, or discover through the top tabs showing you 'Streaming Flicks', 'TV Picks', and 'In-Theaters'. We also show you social activity and WatchList alerts on the right hand side, if you have chosen to sign in through Facebook, meaning you can see what your friends have added to their Fan lists.  WatchList alerts appear whenever a new episode or source is available for for a show or move you have in your WatchList is available.

You can access your lists at anytime by clicking your photo on the top right corner and scrolling to lists. You may also choose to use the Search button at anytime on the top right, next to your profile photo, if you already know what you are looking for.




4. Now that you have the hang of how to browse, let's get to watching!

When you want to watch something, just click the item or poster. Meaning, click the movie or TV show that you want to watch. You will see 'WatchNow', which is our name for our feature that provides you with all the services that this content is available. In WatchNow, you will also see a button to watch the trailer, if you would like to preview, before you watch. Once, you select a source like Netflix, Vudu, or iTunes in the WatchNow panel, Fan will pass you to that content directly in the service you selected.




If you have more questions about WatchNow, you can see the feature page in our support: WatchNow

For more information on Fan lists, see support articles: WatchListSeenItI'm A Fan


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