How do I delete my account for all Fan TV services?

Often we find that fans look to delete their account because they don't know how to adjust their email and notification settings. If this is the case and you would simply like to adjust your communication preferences, here are instructions to do so.

To unsubscribe on the web for any of the Fan e-mails, the quickest way is to scroll to the bottom of any e-mail we send to you and click the unsubscribe link.  On the landing page, you will be able to indicate that you want to receive no more e-mails or only select ones.  You can also go to and unselect the e-mails that you no longer wish to receive.
To delete your account completely, send an email to requesting your account to be deleted. Make sure to include your username and email attached to the account. We will be pretty lonely without you and we are not afraid to admit we will miss you though. Come back any time! 
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